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Thanks for registering. See you there!

Youth Ministry

If there is one thing we are passionate about, it's our youth!


We believe the youth are key to the success of the Advent movement. It is because of this our enemy has placed so many obstacles against them and pathways to lead them astray. Through the grace of God we fight for them to fulfill their calling.


 We have partnered with the area Adventist churches to create a larger community of youth. This collective group of young people is called YiELD: Youth, instructed, Empowered, Loved, Discipled. We study the same Sabbath School curriculum and get together several times a month with this larger group. To learn more about YiELD, you can follow the link below.


We also know the importance of growing together as a smaller, close-knit Ooltewah family. To accomplish this, we put together social events on a regular basis, including outings, vespers, game nights, and open gym time.


We invite you to help us with your prayers as these young people grow in their faith and deepen their commitment to Jesus Christ!

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Sabbath School Superintendent: Connie Reynolds | (423) 313-7216 | 

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