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About Music Ministry

Our church maintains a very active music ministry. Sanctuary Choir and Brass for Worship have started their new season of providing music for the church worship services. 

The Sanctuary Choir is available to any singer who has had some choral singing experience. Participant ages range from high school through retired adults.

Our brass ensemble, Brass For Worship was formed to provide an opportunity for brass instrument players who would enjoy playing together as a group. Brass For Worship started with six players and over the years has grown to 17-20 players. Participant ages range from talented elementary school players from OAKS through retired adults. As with the choir, this organization exists to enhance the worship of the God. 

Just as the singing priests of King David's time, choir members need to prepare for service by being faithful in attending rehearsal and performance schedules as a dedication of their time and talent to God. 
Each group is scheduled to play for both worship services one time each month between September and April.
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Music Ministry Director: Larry Otto | (423) 779-4457 | 

Music Department Staff
​Minister Of Music: Larry Otto
Phone: (423)779-4457
Assistant: Chester Caswell
Phone: (843)822-7041
His Orchestra
Rehearsals: every Thursday 6:30-7:30pm
Friday Rehearsals before performance: Friday 6:30-7:30pm
Location: Ooltewah Adventist School band room
Conductor: Mary Wilcox

Phone: (423)505-0208


Sanctuary Choir
Rehearsal: Tuesdays at 7:00pm
Location: Church sanctuary
Director: Larry Otto
Phone: (423)779-4457 
Brass For Worship
Rehearsal: Thursday at 7:00pm
Location: OAKS Band room
Conductor: Wesley Bradford
Phone: (253)722-8764
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Minister of Music: Larry Otto

How do you join the orchestra?

The red column on the right are the positions that are still needed.


To join please send a text message to Mary Wilcox at 423-505-0208 and let her know you are interested in playing (your instrument) in His Orchestra and leave your phone number and email address. Or call the number and leave a voice mail asking Mary to call you back.


OR – you can also text the same message to Larry Otto (Minister of Music) at 423-779-4457. 

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His Orchestra

Membership Drive 2022


“His” Orchestra, Conducted by Mary Wilcox, is an official ensemble of the Ooltewah SDA Church Music Ministries. The orchestra is made up of a wide variety of musical artists of all ages and abilities. The goal of the orchestra is to provide regular music presentations for the Ooltewah Church Worship services but also to serves as an inspirational musical experience for younger aspiring musicians as they play beside more experienced performers. Currently the members are volunteers from the Ooltewah SDA Church membership, as well as players from the Chattanooga, Collegedale and surrounding areas, and from our own OAKS elementary school student body, Collegedale Academy and Southern Adventist University.


In February, 2022 The orchestra began their second season (since joining the Church’s Music Ministries program) and is currently conducting a membership drive to invite volunteers to join the orchestra as a regular member. In order to be as professional and inspirational as possible, the orchestra needs a minimum of experienced players to maintain a high level of musicianship, and provide practical (In the orchestra) educational opportunities for younger players.  


So the following volunteer positions are still needed, and interested players (in all age groups and playing ability) are being invited to be a part of this ambitious adventure in Sacred Music learning and performance.  Please study the following chart to see the current, urgent needs (Red Column).

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