Youth Ministry

If there is one thing we are passionate about, it's our youth!
We believe the youth are key to the success of the Advent movement. It is because of this our enemy has placed so many obstacles against them and pathways to lead them astray. Through the grace of God we fight for them to fulfill their calling.
Every Sabbath we cover topics of their choosing. This helps to shine light on the issues that trouble them.
Along with education, our youth know the importance of putting truth into practice. On a regular basis, we plan and execute ministries for our community. Some examples are: gift collections for needy families, nursing home visits, heath/evangelistic surveys, and more.
We also know the importance of growing together as family. To accomplish this, we put together social events on a regular basis, including outings (camping, canoeing, hiking), game nights, and open gym time.
Finally, we know the importance of allowing the youth to use their talents in serving the church. Every fourth Sabbath, the youth run a vespers service for the church. The youth also aid in the weekly church service as deacons and serving on platform duties.
We invite you to help us with your prayers to sharpen these instruments of good! Thank You, Lord, for the plans you have for this army of youth!